I'm so excited to introduce The Roaring Brand, a 50 page interactive guidebook for creative businesswomen! Want to see a preview??

Although I would love nothing more than to consult for each and every one of your brands, I realized I'm only one person.  So I took everything I usually cover during a branding consultation and created this guidebook... and I'll admit it- I'm darn proud of it! 
I've written this guidebook as a 3-week course to help you build a brand that is authentic and rewarding (week 1), client-based and connected (week 2), and relevant and resilient (week 3).  
During those three weeks, I'll guide you through finding your ideal products, client, goals, and more! (And what's even better... I'll help you figure out how to communicate who you are and what you do in order to gain those clients!)  

No gimmicks. No empty inspiration.  Just me spreading some of the knowledge that I've picked up over almost 10 years, 2 degrees, and a whole lot of listening to the business needs of creative businesswomen like myself!

Grab it now at introductory pricing!

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